Weight Training Gym Gloves


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  • SUPPLE ELASTICATED MATERIAL– Gym gloves for men and women are manufactured with resilient and durable, yet supple, spandex fabric which is also stretchable. The weightlifting gloves allow the users to partake in body building, weightlifting, powerlifting, callisthenics and other home gym workouts. 
  • ANTI-SLIP NYLON GRIP– Workout gloves by RDX provide improved grip with the nylon dotted mapping which makes the gloves anti-slip. The pull-up gloves are designed in such a way that they are ideal for everyone.
  • VENTILATED WEBBING DESIGN– Webbing in the lifting gloves allows the flow of air to keep the hands dry along with contour conformation. The spandex webbing in the weightlifting gloves for men also prevents tears and splits, along with being pressure resistant.
  • SWEAT-WICKING TERRY FABRIC– Terry toweling on exercise gloves works in combination with the spandex webbing to minimize the accumulation of sweat and keep the hands dry during workout sessions.
  • HOOK-AND-LOOP CLOSURE – Gym weightlifting gloves for women and men are fitted with Quick-EZ hook-and-loop closure system which allows the users to put on and take off the training gloves quickly and with more ease at the start and end of every exercise and gym session.