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I have been coaching fitness for over 23 years. Since I’ve started I have never looked back. I wake up every day and get to do exactly what I love most in life; coach amazing people. From the kids, to the competitive athletes to the grandmothers, to those looking to lose 100 lbs – all these people inspire me to be a better person.

Coach Rod is a Level 2 CrossFit Coach, CrossFit Kids Coach, Sports Specific Trainer and Personal Trainer. He believes that fitness is a medium for learning to cultivate an unconquerable mindset that will lead to not only improved health, but also happiness and success in all aspects of life. He fosters a positive training environment to help clients overcome self-doubt or perceived limitations to achieve their full potential. Coach Rod approaches each athlete’s goals as a fun and unique challenge, so whether they desire to lose 100 lbs or compete for a marathon, the process of educating, supporting and encouraging them to goal achievement remains the same.

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