Training Day 190918

This workout will quickly become tedious and uncomfortable. Each set of movements should be challenging but doable, forcing you to manage muscular failure in order to maintain a decent pace.

Training Day 180918

This push/pull interval calls for a max effort each round on the pull-ups. Modify the pull-ups to something that is challenging yet still allows you to complete multiple reps each round. Consider reducing the number of rounds to reduce the overall volume.

Training Day 170918

Each round of this workout is a sprint. Reduce the load on the squat so you can complete each set unbroken and still run hard.


Training Day 100818

Reduce the reps on the DB Lunges so that each round can be completed in only a few sets with little rest. Reduce or modify the Burpee Pull-up to something that allows you to keep moving throughout the workout. Your coach will assist you with the proper modifications.

Training Day 040818

Scaling WOD

Most athletes should be able to complete this workout in the prescribed format. Slight tweaks may be made to the movements for beginners. Intermediate athletes can complete this as prescribed.

Training Day 310818

“Bring a Friend Day” is your chance to bring them in to School of Fitness for a WOD and show them how we train. You’ll partner with your buddy for the workout, cheer them on, and show them what CrossFit is all about!

Training Day 290818

Reduce the loading and distance, modify the bar work so that this workout can be completed with minimal rest periods.

Training Day 250818

Both WODs which are optional are similar to the Cindy and Mary family. Newer athletes should stick with variants and modify the movements and reps to limit muscular failure. 

Training Day 230818

Similar to last week’s burpee/Row couplet, reduce the reps, load and distance so you have at least 30 seconds for the second set of Lunges

Training Day 200818

We will be looking at tight-adductors that are-ruining-your-squat as well as ankle dorsiflexion. We will also be improving Triceps and Internal Shoulder rotation.

This is a fairly long WOD that presents challenging movements and a huge demand on the shoulders. Reduce the loading and pick a challenging modification for the chest to Bar Pull-ups