Introducing our very own Yoga/Zumba Instructor

Taanya Bhandarkar 

We are so excited to introduce to you our newest member of our Team & Family, Taanya. –

Taanya  Is a yoga and Zumba instructor from India. I learnt Hatha yoga from Mysore, where yoga originated and the most authentic form of yoga asana is practised. With experience in intentional adjustments and relevant alignments, I’ve learnt that yoga is not about reaching the perfect asana, it’s about what you learn in your process. My aim as a teacher is to empower others through yoga and increase body awareness. With light-hearted attention to detail, I’m committed to the growth of my students. Namaste

Yoga Class Available now

Hatha Yoga Classes have now started

Hatha Yoga Classes have now started.
Hatha yoga is a unique form of exercise which has wonderful physical and emotional benefits. It is both a physical and mental discipline that helps to achieve peacefulness of body and mind. In a hatha yoga class we practice yoga postures, breathing techniques and deep relaxation. A class also includes “Sun Salutations”. This is a series of postures, one flowing into the next. This builds aerobic fitness and tones the muscles. Each class finishes with a deep relaxation session. Neasa’s hatha yoga classes promote a calming state which allows the mind and body to relax easily.

Hatha Yoga Class information:

There are 4 Hatha classes a week. Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ AM6:30 and Saturday’s @ AM8:00. –
Come and meet with our Newest and friendly member of our SoF Family “Taanya.”

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Fitness through the Roof with Shirley

We’re excited about what the future will bring for this amazing Athlete. If you’ve ever worked out with Shirley over at Get Nailed & More. (awesome place by the way) you’ll know that she pushes herself every day, no matter the WOD, and is an inspiration to those around her. She shows up regularly for the gym to work on her skills and strength. Most importantly though, its the attitude with which she approaches each workout and encourages those around her. She’s also a big jokester for those that may not know her well, and she’ll have you smiling from the moment she enters. Here she is in this photo with her unbelievable gains 💪 in such a short period of time. #thosearms #ripped

Congratulations Coach Melissa

CONGRATULATIONS to our School of Fitness Home oF 345 CrossFit Owner, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and now our latest Official Zumba Instructor for her successful completion of the Zumba Instructor Basic Steps Level 1. Melissa put in awesome hard work and time to prepare for and complete the course (instruction, practical exercise, and hands-on learning. We’re so proud of you Melissa Carrillo-Evans and so glad to have your dedication, spirit and love towards our SoF family members.

October Athlete of the Month

We’re excited to announce Mansi Meha as our October 2018 Athlete of the Month! Before Mansi started with us, she had never ever been in a gym to work out…and while she may have just started 2 months ago, she has been “all in” with the lifestyle change! She is dedicated to not only her Zumba schedule, but has also been working on her gains through her HITClass. She comes in even on days regardless of what’s in the WOD because she knows she won’t get better at it if she doesn’t do it! She’s set a wonderful example for not only our other athletes, but also her family. We just love having Mansi as part of the School of Fitness family, and are very excited to celebrate her as our October 2018 Athlete of the Month!

Training Day 250918


We will be looking at tight-adductors that are-ruining-your-squat as well as ankle dorsiflexion. We will also be improving Lats and Internal Shoulder rotation.

Scaling WOD-
Newer athletes can reduce the number of rounds, reps of each movements and distance of the run so that the workout can be completed in under 16 minutes.

Training Day 190918

This workout will quickly become tedious and uncomfortable. Each set of movements should be challenging but doable, forcing you to manage muscular failure in order to maintain a decent pace.

Training Day 180918

This push/pull interval calls for a max effort each round on the pull-ups. Modify the pull-ups to something that is challenging yet still allows you to complete multiple reps each round. Consider reducing the number of rounds to reduce the overall volume.