• At School of Fitness we encourage kids to have fun. Our programmes help prepare and strengthen kids involved in youth sports to beginners but mostly it helps motivate a health mentality and show kids healthier ways to have fun rather than an IPad. 

Strong by Zumba coming soon

Strong By Zumba… The latest craze is coming to Cayman!

The latest revolutionary workout will be hitting the Cayman Islands shortly and is another fantastic class offering by School of Fitness 

Starting on Wednesday 7th August you can experience a taster course block session of this amazing new energising workout from Zumba.

What is STRONG by Zumba™?

STRONG by Zumba™ revolutionizes Zumba® workouts as you know them, melding strong, upbeat rhythms with powerful, high intensity cardio and strength conditioning moves to fire your fitness potential up a notch! Think progressive resistance and overload, plyometrics, core and functional training using only your own body weight, all rolled into one dynamic, results-driven class, guaranteed to challenge your entire body, each and every workout!

Strong By Zumba… The latest craze is coming to Cayman!

Strong By Zumba… The latest craze is coming to Cayman!

School of Fitness the best Fitness Community

Another awesome CrossFit Class today with 90% of our athletes improving in strength, movement and overall performance. Well done to all. We are so proud of how far you all have come in such a short time

345 CrossFit Training Program has huge benefits

When it comes to my physicality, SchOlof Fitness has challenged me to redefine the parameters I was once in. Personally, the program has increased my daily resiliency, energy, patience and overall strength giving me a second chance at life after suffer a heart attack. I have now lost 115lbs thanks to Eating Klean & School oF Fitness. I look forward to always learning more and constantly enhance my health while building relationships with the most dedicated Coaches & Community. 

Sleep Patern

How to wake up feeling great

Waking up early can be a challenge for a lot of us. We're not all natural "early bird" risers, and I completely resonate with the lot of you as it can be hard to push yourself out of bed so early AND enjoy it simultaneously.

That being said, waking up early isn't a "skill" or a "talent". Rather, it's a strategic implementation of some key steps.

I've compiled a list of the most important things you should be doing before/after you wake up.

Apply the following to your morning/night routine, and not only will you begin to see your sleep quality improve, but you will also begin to enjoy your mornings more as you get up earlier!


Congratulations Bhavana

Congratulations Bhavana on your New way of Life

Our SPOT LIGHT for today is on Bhavana 

Bhavana joined in September 2018 hoping to lose weight and tone up. We at School of Fitness dedicated ourselves fully to making her dreams a reality as we do with all our clients. 

What results have you seen since joining?...

Since then,  I am now able to lift and play with my son more and I have experienced a significant reduction in my weight and body fat. In addition to that, I have more than doubled my strength on weight lifts and increased my endurance to effectively complete full CrossFit workouts.

We are so proud of Bhavana and the athlete she have now become even surprising her coach with her amazing high energy and the unbroken Burpees!!

 Congratulations Bhavana on your new way of Llife

Congratulations Bhavana on your new way of Llife



Fad diets come and go. One diet will extol the benefits of cutting fat, and then the next big thing comes along claiming the exact opposite. So you wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking that clean eating is just another trend that’ll eventually fall out of favor.

However, clean eating isn’t a diet, but rather a style of eating that emphasizes the quality of the foods you eat, not how much you eat or when you eat. In fact, clean eating isn’t even a new concept. Long before the days of processed foods, pesticides, hormones and GMOs, people ate food directly from the source with minimal processing—that is outside of cooking.

Clean eating allows you to take back control of what you put into your body. High-quality, whole and ideally organic foods replace those covered in pesticides, engineered or produced in massive factories.


The highly-processed foods that line the shelves of your local grocery store are loaded with calories, added sugars and ingredients that only scientists can pronounce, yet lack many beneficial nutrients. These foods are linked to obesity, low-energy levels and an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and in some cases, cancer. Many of these low-quality foods are also treated with pesticides or contain genetically modified ingredients, both of which carry potential health risks—not to mention a significant environmental toll.

Clean eating nourishes your body with healthy and nutrient-dense foods, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, extra virgin olive oil, grass-fed meats and hormone-free dairy. Consistently eating clean foods fills your body with plentiful vitamins and minerals, high-quality protein and healthy fats, which improve heart and brain health, assist with weight management, build a stronger immune system and increase energy levels, among other benefits.

That said, clean eating is not a strategy for losing weight. Plenty of foods that are considered clean are high in calories and won’t help you shed extra fat. So if you’re attempting to lose weight, don’t let the “clean” label give you a false sense of security when deciding what to put on your plate.

So how do you eat clean? It’s quite simple. Here are three tips to make your transition to clean eating seamless as possible.

Shop the perimeter of the grocery store

Clean foods are typically found along the perimeter of grocery stores. Spend most of your time in the produce section, stocking up on a wide variety of colorful and healthy fruits and vegetables. Opt for organic foods—especially meat, dairy and produce on the dirty dozen list—when possible.

2) Read labels

If you venture down your grocery store’s aisles, make sure to read food labels. Check the ingredient list and avoid any product with ingredients that you're not familiar with or can’t pronounce. The fewer the ingredients, the better. Also, check for added sugars listed under carbohydrates. An item as basic as a pasta sauce can have as much as 100 grams of sugar in a single jar!


The easiest way to eat clean? Cook your own food. That way you have total control over your ingredients and can be certain that your meals are indeed clean. Cooking also helps you avoid items that masquerade as health foods but are far from it. For example, many alleged healthy juices found at grocery stores come loaded with sugar and cheap ingredients. It’s far better to buy your own ingredients and use your Vitamix to blend delicious, clean juices that are full of healthy nutrients.


Fad diets come and go. One diet will extol the benefits

WHAT IS CLEAN EATING & WHY IS IT IMPORTANT Fad diets come and go. One diet will extol the benefits

CrossFit Kids at School of Fitness- Home oF 345 CrossFit

CrossFit Kids is specifically for our future generations. This program is designed to get kids healthier and more fit while having FUN! High energy, action packed combination of skills practice and workouts to build strength and conditioning. We believe learning about health and fitness at an early age helps develop a lifelong love for fitness.

Certified Personal Trainers

Do you need motivation and expert guidance to help you attain your fitness goals? Our experienced fitness trainers can help you with personal training, nutrition, injury rehabilitation, body toning and more. Get started with a free consultation and fitness assessment today! We are dedicated to you 24/7 offering free nutritional guidance along the way. 

Kids Fest Annual Fun Day coming soon

Kids Fest Fun Day

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday June 29, 2019 2pm to 6pm !! KIDFEST Family Fun Day

- School of Fitness proudly sponsors Kids Fest At Pedro St. James

Live and exciting Zumba performance by School of Fitness.

In honor of baby Nolan Evans Jun.22, 2017 - Jan. 25, 2018. 

Hosted by: TEAM NOLAN ph: 9361717 email:

All KIDS and their families are invited to come out to the beautiful venue of Pedro St. James to enjoy an afternoon of fun play activities and interaction. KIDS enter FREE. Don’t miss this one of a kind KIDS FUN DAY for an awesome cause to help babies from the Cayman Islands with Congenital Heart Defects (CHD). Complementary for kids:

✅ Face painting ✅ Cotton candy 🍭 ✅ Snow cones 🍧 ✅ Pizza Slices 🍕 ✅ A free Gift bags for the first 75 kids at the gate. ✅ Wonderful raffle prizes ✅ Bouncy Castles ✅ Lounge Games ✅ Live Entertainment ✅ Meeting new friends ✅Food & Drink sales ✅ Slime sales 

•School of Fitness will be hosting a FREE ZUMBA FITNESS Class Live. 

Tickets available at the gate 

All proceeds go to HART FOR HEARTS and the CAYMAN HEART FUND

Admission: Kids 13yr & under are FREE, 14yrs & up $25 

A huge thank you to all of our amazing sponsors for their selfless and continued support of KIDFEST 2019


Feed Our Kids event coming soon


Feed Our Kids

FREE ADMISSION! Feed Our Future Cayman in partnership with Cayman Heart Fund and Cayman Food Revolution invite you to Wellness 101: interactive cooking demos, health screenings, Q & A sessions with dietitians, farmers on hand for education on sourcing local produce, kids fitness, refreshments and much more. The theme will be focused on preparing healthy foods on a budget



Saturday, May 25th

10:00am - 2:00p.m.

Venue: Family Life Center -Cayman Islands, Walkers Road

Children must be chaperoned by an adult

Registration required: or 9160923

.Live Zumba entertainment by School of Fitness

Sponsored by Progressive Distributors Ltd. Cayman Nutrition School of Fitness and Farmer Clarence

Cayman Islands Top Zumba Fitness


Still going to one of those boring and monotonous fitness classes?...Well look no more!! Our Zumba Gym classes are packed with fun, laughter and amazing people. Join our Zumba classes and burn up to 800 Calories in just one hour while having the time of your life...You won’t be disappointed!

HIIT Classes are so much fun And designed to tone you up.

Our HIIT TRAINING Program is designed to Blast and Tone your body fast. Join us for this fun exercise class that requires full body integration and core stabilization through the use of Kettlebells, Ropes, Sleds and more. This 1hr Class gives full results for strength, endurance and muscle toning by challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular system with functional total body movements. YOU’LL BE SO GLAD YOU DID!

Zumba Classes gym

It all goes down at the number one Zumba gym on the Island. Enough said. Stop in and see for yourself. We guarantee you will be back for more.  

Cayman Islands Government join forces with School of Fitness

Cayman Islands Government Department of Sport along with Cayman Islands Wellness Committee join forces with School of Fitness gym to promote Fitness & Wellness in the Cayman Islands