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Yoga Class Available now

Hatha Yoga Classes have now started

Hatha Yoga Classes have now started.
Hatha yoga is a unique form of exercise which has wonderful physical and emotional benefits. It is both a physical and mental discipline that helps to achieve peacefulness of body and mind. In a hatha yoga class we practice yoga postures, breathing techniques and deep relaxation. A class also includes “Sun Salutations”. This is a series of postures, one flowing into the next. This builds aerobic fitness and tones the muscles. Each class finishes with a deep relaxation session. Neasa’s hatha yoga classes promote a calming state which allows the mind and body to relax easily.

Hatha Yoga Class information:

There are 4 Hatha classes a week. Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ AM6:30 and Saturday’s @ AM8:00. –
Come and meet with our Newest and friendly member of our SoF Family “Taanya.”

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