Welcome CrossFit Newbies 0718 - SCHOOL of FITNESS

Welcome CrossFit Newbies 0718

School of Fitness – Home of 345 CrossFit would like to welcome our amazing and newest members to our CrossFit Newbies Class.
During this introductory period, their coach will introduce the basic CrossFit movements that they will use in a typical CrossFit class. This introduction is a very important part of the CrossFit induction, as the coach will demonstrate safe and efficient movement that will become the solid foundation for their fitness transformation to be built on. The coaching sessions will teach them how to scale various movements to their abilities. This will allow them to modify any workouts (WODs) to accommodate any current mobility, injury or fitness restrictions. The introductory coaching sessions include mobility exercises, strength movements and beginner CrossFit workouts similar to what you will encounter during a regular class.

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