Are you currently a member at a gym and have never experienced a different one?

I’ve come up with a few RED FLAGS – that should be an immediate indication to find another Gym.

1. It’s Dirty.

Chalk marks left all over, hair and dirt on the floor; sweat stains, bathrooms that remind you of your college dormitory. Cleanliness is critical; a professional cleaning service should be in there at LEAST twice a week. If you constantly leave your Gym with dirt and black marks all over your knees, clothes and hands, then cleanliness is not a priority of that gym. You should not want to avoid certain movements because you are worried about catching a disease if you get too close to the ground. If this is happening then you should consider the words “Fitness & WELLNESS”

2. Coaches.

Are you constantly waiting on your coaches to arrive? If class is scheduled for 6am… your coach should be at the gym BEFORE 6am… the WOD should be up on the board, lights are on, space is clean, equipment put away, so class actually starts at 6am and athletes are not sitting around waiting. Your coach should also not be sitting around on a cellphone when they should be taking care of you. Your coach shouldn’t be busy with lecturing and also sending the class in overtime thinking the class is all about them and not you.

3. Classes Start or End Late.

As a continuation from above… a good coach knows how to manage their time. Anticipating time spent on instruction, set up, stretching, warm up, transitions, etc.… If classes constantly run late – your coach has no concept of time. (Probably the same coach who is still writing the WOD on the board at 6:04am). They clearly don’t respect YOUR time. People need to get to work, get home to their families etc.

4. Facilitators and Not Coaches.

You know the “coach”, they unlock the doors, turn on the lights, and write the WOD on the board… then basically hang out for the next hour – talking about their weekend rather than instructing movements… or maybe they are on their phone, no corrections, no standards. Facilitators facilitate the gym being available and let you know what the workout is. Coaches ensure you are safe, improve movement, motivate and inspire. If you spend your CrossFit class with a facilitator, then it’s time to find a new Gym.

5. Poor Equipment.

Are the barbells and plates all rusty? Mismatched and pieced together, how about h boxes you jump on, are they falling apart? probably garage sale equipment? Half the rowers / bikes are broken in the corner – clearly no one has any plans to fix or replace them? What does that say about the pride they take in their business?

6. Nutrition is Not a Priority.

Nutrition is the foundation of Exercise. It should be the foundation of your gym. Is your coach drinking an energy drink at 6am while ‘coaching’ you? Do they promote a weekly gym “Happy Hour” or constantly throw birthday / going away parties at the local bar? Not to say you can’t enjoy these things in your life – but why is your gym promoting them? Would you go to a church that promotes events that completely contradict the bible?

In summary…

Maybe your beloved Gym of 3+ years has all or some of these Red Flags… it might be time to consider a new ‘Home’ – put your health and fitness first, above the ‘personal’ relationships you may have or the loyalty you might feel.

You wouldn’t pay your landlord for a broken, damaged apartment. If you hire an hourly worker – would you pay them for time spent on their phone? NO. Obviously not.

Apply the same principles to YOUR Gym.

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