Athlete of the month (May 2018) - SCHOOL of FITNESS

Athlete of the month (May 2018)

Our May athlete could’ve been nominated for this honor on likability alone. She can turn the gym into a fun factory within .2 seconds of entering. She’s uplifting, intelligent, witty, and she’s amazingly ridiculous. But watch out, when Zayde Garcia gets focused, her eyes turn into lasers and it’s “Game on.” She’s a true athlete. She’ll try to tell you otherwise with some self deprecating humor, but ignore the goofball. She has heart. She gives it her all. She moves well, is coachable and determined to get it right, and has an amazing work ethic. She is tenacious in achieving her goals. Setting aside a few minutes each day to conquer more advanced gymnastics movements like pull ups, toes to bar, or handstand pushups. Regardless of a stressful long day, this amazing athlete shows up at the gym on the daily to get in HER own form of therapy. This deep dedication to becoming her best self has been an inspiration since she has come over to us. Congratulations Zayde, on all your accomplishments and improvements.

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